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The Powerful Joe Rogan

I believe Joe Rogan is a modern day Renaissance man. He is a man of many well executed crafts and disciplines which he leverages to make the world just a little bit better. His compassion coupled with his ferocious thirst for knowledge and open-mindedness leaves his podcast as one of the few bastions of free speech and independent thinking left in our time. There is no end to this things you can learn from his show. With guests ranging from Neil Degrasse Tyson, Shane Smith, and Henry Rollins to Miesha Tate, Bill Burr, and MIlo Yiannopoulos (whether you love them or hate them) you really are getting all walks of life and every side of the argument on here. Joe has been an immense inspiration for me as of late and I thought I would say thank you by way of painting his portrait and making him look like a superhero.

Andrew hunt the powerful joe rogan vertical crop

Painting the Powerful Joe Rogan - Timelapse